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Top-performing manufacturers reduce emissions by 30 percent, energy consumption by 24 percent

The latest research report from Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company, "Sustainable Production: Good for the Plant, Good for the Planet," has correlated specific business capabilities and technology enablers to top performance.

The concept of sustainability is not new for organizations today, but there is wide disparity on how companies think about and implement sustainability programs. This new research will, for the first time, reveal the value that leading manufacturers derive from their approach to sustainable production. Putting the findings of the report in context, Mehul Shah, a Research Analyst with the Aberdeen Group’s Global Manufacturing Practice, states, "Leading manufacturing organizations have differentiated themselves by enabling visibility into key data related to energy, environment, safety, compliance, etc. and utilizing this information to optimize processes (production, maintenance, etc.) to support sustainability goals."

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(Source: Aberdeen Group)