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‘Shoes: Pleasure and Pain’ ends Asia Tour in HK


The wait is finally over! Pacific Place is delighted to be soon unveiling the critically-acclaimed V&A exhibition ‘Shoes: Pleasure and Pain’ in Hong Kong, taking place from 28 September to 28 October 2018.

This Asia Debut Tour will see its finale at Pacific Place after successful showings across Swire Properties’ retail malls in Mainland China.

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The grand opening of the exhibition also kicks off a season of exceptional and exciting happenings to come in Pacific Place, following its recent launch of the brand refresh campaign ‘THIS IS THE PLACE’.

‘Shoes: Pleasure and Pain’ explores how shoes can cause both pain as well as pleasure for the wearer; and more importantly, how footwear choices reflect human and societal behaviour. Featuring over 140 pairs of shoes from around the globe and exhibits from as far back as 1st century BC, the exhibition demonstrates the different roles played by shoes across different cultures, occasions and histories. Exclusively featured in this Asia tour, co-curated by Swire Properties, are 14 pairs of shoes from leading actress and singer Karen Mok’s personal collection, which represent important milestones in her life and career.

Alongside the exhibition, Pacific Place will bring a series of exciting activities to engage customers, including attractive instore shopping privileges and services, guided tours, workshops and many more.

As a pioneer of innovative retail concepts in Hong Kong, Pacific Place continues to transform physical spaces into delightful immersive experiences that are ever more progressive.

Bringing this world-class exhibition out of museum walls to a retail mall with free admission to the public, manifests Pacific Place’s dedication to elevating everyday moments through unique encounters of fashion, art and culture.

‘Shoes: Pleasure and Pain’ Explores the Power of Transformation
This exhibition comprises of five sections:

1. Transformation explores how shoes can transform our self-identities, the concept of shoes being empowering and how designs of modern-day, fairy-tale shoemakers magically transform the life of the wearer. Featured shoes include Cinderella’s slipper and David Beckham’s ‘Brooklyn’ football boots.

2. Status examines how certain types of footwear began to denote specific social statuses across cultures, and hence dictate the way in which the wearer moves, how they are seen and even heard. Iconic designs by Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Roger Vivier for Christian Dior, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Vivienne Westwood, and shoes worn by Elton John and The Queen Mother are featured in this section.

3. Seduction explores the mystery and secret of shoes from a more sensual aspect. Shoes on display represent an expression of desire, sexual empowerment or a source of pleasure.

4. Creation leads a journey of shoes through design, sculpture and engineering both historically as well as those employing modern technological advances. Highlights in this section include exceptional designs by Zaha Hadid and shoe lasts of Princess Diana.

5. Obsession explains how shoes are more than just commodity but also collectables to a designer shoe lover, trainer enthusiast or even a keen high-street consumer. Footwear obsessives do not acquire shoes as assets or investments, but for a fascination beyond measurable value.

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Helen Persson, curator of ‘Shoes: Pleasure and Pain’, said: “The exhibition demonstrates the transformative power of footwear; and how, more than any other aspect of dress, it has been used to express personality and capture identity. I believe this is a unique opportunity for audience to garner profound appreciations for art, fashion and footwear design.”


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