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Report: Global consumer products 2010

2009 was the worst year for economic performance in recent memory. However, the main theme of the economic outlook for 2010 is that the global economy seems to be on track for a better than expected outcome. The third annual report on the world’s top 250 consumer products, Global Powers of the Consumer Products Industry 2010, claims that the economic recovery will return the industry to a growth path, but the nature and geographic distribution of that growth will be quite different from the recent path taken.

This report identifies the 250 largest consumer products companies around the world, based on publicly available data for the companies’ fiscal year 2008 (encompassing the fiscal year ended through June 2009). It provides an outlook for the global economy, an analysis of market capitalisation in the industry, and a discussion of major trends affecting consumer product companies.

Produced by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, the report looks at six major markets –  China, US, UK, the eurozone, Russia and Brazil.

To view the full report, visit Deloitte.

(Source: Deloitte Global)