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2015 IBM retail solutions guide

When the physical and digital worlds are converging and seamless shopping – true omni-channel retailing – are table stakes for today’s retailers, there are three imperatives that they have to get right to compete and win:

  • Deliver a smarter shopping experience
  • Build smarter merchandising and supply networks
  • Drive smarter operations

Implemented together, these imperatives mean retail success – connecting with consumers, operating efficiently and capturing loyalty to gain market share and driving profitable growth.

Technology-based enablers help retailers to get the three universal imperatives right. New tools and capabilities are how retailers can deliver the products and services consumers expect. Big data and analytics decode patterns, preferences and trends that enable better and quicker marketing, merchandise and services decisions. Mobile and social engagement technologies allow contextual and relevant connections with consumers, employees and suppliers. Cloud computing and other new delivery options provide the new capabilities consumers are demanding more quickly, efficiently and reliably. And enterprise security ensures the company’s most important information – especially customer data – is protected.

This guide showcases IBM solutions for retail. It provides a quick overview of what retailers need to do within each of these areas and of the IBM solutions that can support those efforts.

To download the full report, click on the PDF attachment.