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How to say “No” to your boss

Regardless of what you do for a living, or who you work for, there are going to be times when you find yourself having to say "no" to your boss.

After many years of communicating a certain way, our brains have difficulty changing the patterns that took so long to develop. Even if we realise that we are sending mixed messages, irritating others, or failing to get our point across as intended; we still tend to automatically default those same old patterns out of habit, which will yield the same results. It is only by going through these encounters outside of your workplace and practicing new and improved techniques that we can overcome these destructive patters and perfect our ways of communication.

So next time you are anticipating a difficult conversation with your boss, try practicing these steps to see if they make the encounter go any smoother, or see if you can get your point across any better.

(Source: CNBC)