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Manpower: Global talent crunch persists

According to Manpower Inc.’s fifth annual talent shortage survey, 31 percent of employers across the globe are still struggling to fill vacant positions.

"We are seeing a ‘jobless’ recovery in many parts of the world, yet where there are jobs available employers are having difficulty filling positions. The issue is not about the number of potential candidates, but rather a talent mismatch because there are not enough sufficiently skilled people in the right places at the right times," Manpower India managing director Sanjay Pandit says.

In the Asia-Pacific region, the countries that are finding it difficult to find the right talent to fill jobs are in Japan (76 percent), Singapore (53 percent), Australia (45 percent), Hong Kong (44 percent), Taiwan (41 percent), China (40 percent), New Zealand (30 percent) and India (16 percent).

"Employers are seeking ever-more specific skill sets and are less willing to engage in anticipatory hiring. This all adds up to a very challenging and frustrating time for employers and job seekers alike," says Pandit.