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7-Eleven operator to face court over illegal wages in Australia

The former owner-operators of a 7-Eleven store in the Melbourne suburb of Parkville could be hit with fines after allegedly falsifying payroll records and underpaying 12 employees more than AUD84,000 (USD62,000) for a year, including one staff member who was paid AUD6.25 an hour for some shifts.

The Fair Work Ombudsman launched action against the former store owners, Yiran "Janice" Gu and Haiyao "Harry" Xu, of Balwyn North, and their company Hiyi Pty Ltd as part of a major investigation into the payment practices of 7-Eleven franchisees.

The Parkville 7-Eleven was one of 20 stores raided by the regulator in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in September 2014. It was the third raid of 7-Eleven stores by the regulator in the past six years.