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Lacoste magnate backs drive to save Philippine crocodiles

Lacoste Chief Executive and French clothing magnate Michel Lacoste, whose shirts are identified for its iconic crocodile logo, travelled to the Philippines for a rendezvous with the Philippine crocodile, or Crocodylus mindorensis, the most severely threatened crocodile species on the planet endemic to the Philippines.

Through the Mabuwaya Foundation, Inc., Lacoste is supporting its fifth crocodile specie by means of the "Save Your Logo" Project. The Mabuwaya Foundation aims to preserve the existence of Philippine crocodiles in the wild, with the cooperation of the national and local government and in partnership with the French Endowment Fund for Biodiversity (FDB). Mabuwaya Foundation maintains a crocodile conservation facility at the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park in San Mariano, Isabela.

(Source: Manila Bulletin)