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Export partnership aims to save children’s lives by promoting Protec helmets worldwide

Non-profit foundation Kearny Alliance has partnered with the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation and B2B media company Global Sources to help save children’s lives by making the Foundation’s Protec brand tropical bicycle and motorcycle helmets available to buyers worldwide.

As part of its corporate social responsibility programs, Global Sources plans to feature Protec helmets on its website and trade magazines.

The purpose of this export marketing promotion is to enable importers to source helmets from Protec’s Vietnam factory, thereby helping to prevent head injuries and deaths in more countries through increased access to helmets.

The Asia Injury Prevention Foundation notes road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for young people worldwide between ages 15 and 45, and kill 1.2 million people each year – the majority in Asia and Africa. Southeast Asia is at particular risk because its rapid economic development has resulted in a steep increase of motorized vehicles.

"Our vision is to form a generation of safe road users in countries where the road traffic environments serve the developing economies and people," said Protec’s deputy general director Na Huong.

"This partnership is a great opportunity for Protec to bring our unique ‘tropical’ helmets to the global market. Tropical helmets are lightweight, low-cost alternatives to traditional motorcycle helmets. They are very practical for tropical climates – and injury prevention."

"We expect this to advance our mission of Aid through Trade: The more helmets Protec exports through this program, the more jobs it can create in its Hanoi factory, where it has allocated 20 percent of jobs to disabled workers. Also, a major benefit is the lives that can be saved, as more people have access to quality, affordable helmets," said Alexander Boome, program director of the Kearny Alliance.