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Carrefour, Kraft add to woes of Indonesia’s Sinar Mas

Indonesian pulp and paper giant Sinar Mas Group suffered a fresh blow on Tuesday with global retailer Carrefour responding to the latest Greenpeace report on the company’s environmental practices by pledging that it would stop buying some paper products from Sinar Mas subsidiary Asia Pulp & Paper, over allegations of "relentlessly trashing rainforests".

The Greenpeace report named a host of other companies that it said were contributing to deforestation and the loss of species in Indonesia by purchasing from Sinar Mas.

They included US retail giant Walmart, British supermarket Tesco, British retail group WH Smith, US electronics giant Hewlett-Packard, US fast-food chain KFC, Dutch office-supplies company Corporate Express and Australian global paper supplier PaperlinX.

(Source: Jakarta Globe)