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Can H&M make fast fashion an eco-conscious luxury competitor in China?

H&M’s sustainability initiative is live for another season in China, where it brings fast-fashion consumers upmarket, luxurious looks made with what it says are eco-friendly fabrics. The brand took to Taikoo Li mall in Beijing to launch its Conscious Exclusive 2016 collection, taking the opportunity to educate Chinese passers-by on the perks of keeping their closet green.

Conscious Exclusive, whose priciest piece runs around USD 650 for a wedding dress made from a blend of organic silk embroidered with recycled glass beads, takes its creative cue from 19th-century French paintings by Gustave Moreau with designs and silhouettes that address historical milestones in global fashion. Expressing how eco-friendly fashion can be applied across genres, centuries, and mediums, the designs incorporate green textiles like linen, silk, and polyester.

H&M first introduced its Conscious and Conscious Exclusive collections to Chinese consumers two years ago with bohemian looks that utilized organic silk and leather and recycled plastic, designed by UK-based sustainable fashion think tank Ever Manifesto. All the while, there have been multiple efforts by brands across China urging Chinese consumers to shop sustainably, especially in the luxury sector. Last year, Kering, the owner of top brands like Gucci and Alexander McQueen, provided a grant to Beijing-based social-conscious jeweller Starfish Project, and has made efforts to use sustainably-sourced raw materials and avoid using ones that contain hazardous chemicals.

(Source: Jing Daily )