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TIBCO and Loyalty360 issue top 10 predictions for building loyalty with tomorrow’s consumer

TIBCO Software Inc and Loyalty360 –  the Loyalty Marketer’s Association, on Thursday announced the on-demand availability of the webinar "2020 – Top 10 Predictions for Loyalty Marketing and Tomorrow’s Consumer." Hosted by Loyalty360 and featuring Matt Howland, vice president, TIBCO Loyalty Lab, the webinar addresses forward-looking trends in customer loyalty.

Consumers live "in the now," valuing personalisation and real-time attention, experienced through their channel of choice. Marketers who can navigate this new landscape to engage buyers at the moment of contact will be most successful in attracting customers who are strong brand advocates.

In his presentation, Howland discusses the importance of focusing on a brand’s most valuable customers, which includes those most likely to recommend a brand within their circle of influence. He also explores RFM – recency, frequency, monetary – a marketing technique used to determine, quantitatively, which customers are the best ones by examining how recently customers have purchased (recency), how often they purchase (frequency), and how much they spend (monetary). The topline RFM customers are going to be the best brand advocates and carry the most intrinsic value for the brand.

Howland also identifies 10 trends in marketing that will shape tomorrow’s customer experience and interactions, which include the impact of real-time engagement, big data, event-driven interaction, social, mobile and payment technologies.

To view the full webinar "2020 – Top 10 Predictions for Loyalty Marketing and Tomorrow’s Consumer", visit here.