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Social media no longer for the young

Ipsos Media Atlas Hong Kong shows that the surge in internet access is allowing social media to spread deep into society – regardless of age. Among the "Silver Hairs" aged 50-64, internet penetration has increased from 15 percent to 34 percent from 2006 to 2011- a remarkable increase which will trigger marketers to re-think how they communicate with this increasingly important age group.

The company released the latest findings from its Media Atlas Hong Kong study, revealing the lifestyles, media and digital habits of consumers in the city. This marks the sixth complete year of the study, which showcases trends and changes in various aspects of the Hong Kong population.

"The Silver Hairs are experiencing the most rapid growth engaging with social media – creating content, contributing to blogs and forums, customers’ ratings or reviews of products/services. We have seen a 64 percent increase just in the past year of these Silver Hairs connecting to social networking sites. This is from a lower base than younger people, but it’s a sure sign that digital communication is spreading fast throughout society," said Steven Garton, managing director, Ipsos MediaCT, Greater China. He stressed that the order group in Hong Kong makes up a large part of the population, growing from 35 percent in 2011 to 45 percent over the next 20 year, and taking their new media habits along with them.

The trend for internet adoption from 2006 to 2011 has shown an increase from 48 percent to 66 percent across the survey base of those 15-64 years old. It is the Silver Hairs group who shows the highest agreement that keeping up with modern technology is a key to success – at 31 percent as against 26 percent for those aged 15-19 years, members of the "Post 90’s" generation.