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Los Angeles is the top destination for Chinese middle class power shopping tourists

Nearly one in three Chinese tourists who visit the US makes a stop in Los Angeles. According to research done by both the US and Chinese governments, visitors to California are mostly white-collar workers bringing in at least USD66,900 annually.

"The Chinese middle class is growing and their number one destination is L.A.," declared the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa. He has made two trips to China thus far to promote travel and trade for his city and will soon visit Beijing again.

Chinese spending has simply rocketed, surpassing the per capita outlays of even historically high-spending visitors from areas like South Korea, Japan, and Australia. But while shopping is a favourite recreation of Chinese visitors, they certainly exercise judgment in their purchases. To get the most for their dollar, they prefer to shop at outlet stores. They look for bargains on vitamins and high-end gifts that make the expense of traveling worthwhile.

(Source: red luxury)