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3 game-changing trends for Asian shoppers to get excited about

Tome Fashion Show

There is rarely a trend that is globally all-encompassing. Particularly when it comes to the Asia-Pacific where seasonality has often attributed to the region lagging behind the four fashion meccas of the world – London, Paris, New York and Milan.

This season, nonetheless, has been a real game-changer. As the last collections sashay down the runways of New York Fashion Week, we have been left with three directional trends that will shape the fashion industry, not only in the fashion capitals of the world, but in the Asia-Pacific.

Forbes spoke to Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin, two Australian designers behind the New York-based womenswear label Tome, who are renowned for their ability to project directional trends onto the runway.

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According to the duo, these three trends will make you really think about what you’re wearing and how you’re wearing it.


Fashion shows were once the product of six months of advanced forward-thinking, which meant consumers, particularly in the Asia-Pacific, would have to wear the garments that graced the runways in fashion capitals of the world.

Now, what a consumer sees, wherever they are, will be available for them immediately.

2. Sustainability

Sustainability, or the production of garments that maintain a clear eco conscience, has been the industry’s answer to shocking claims that fashion has become one of the world’s worst pollutants, second only to oil.

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Martin and Lobo predict that, over the years, sustainable fashion will become as commonplace as paddock to plate eating.

3. Wearability

With the invention and popularity of wearables comes the emergence of intuitive fashion.

While we’re still waiting for how this innovation will come into force, both Lobo and Martin – who debuted, in partnership with Intel, a line of intuitive accessories on their New York Spring/Summer runway – are certain that this trend will reach far beyond smart watches and health bands.

(Source: Forbes)

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