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OnTheList 4th Anniversary : Let’s go through its journey!

OnTheList anniversary

OnTheList celebrates its 4th anniversary this year as Asia’s cross-region flash sales platform giving a sustainable option for brands at the end of their distribution channel.

Looking ahead to 2020, the company is focusing its attention on raising awareness of sustainability in the minds of the retail industry and consumers.

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“With the new year ahead and the support from all the brands and members in Asia, together we take the initiative to bring positive social impact with our platform to raise awareness on sustainable shopping,” Diego stated for the celebration.

Let’s go thorough the journey of OnTheList!

4 years in 4 cities, saving 1.1 million items from potentially ending up in landfill

Founded in 2016, OnTheList started from sporadic pop-ups to weekly flash sales in-store and online across 4 cities: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, and now Shanghai. Helping over 300 brands with their excess-inventory, and accumulating 240k active shoppers across the locations.

Within the four years, and thanks to the support of its loyal members, OnTheList has gained an impressive record of 1 check-out per minute and sold over 1.1 million of past-season merchandise items. The business started for a good cause in raising awareness and minimizing the negative impact on the environment, and OnTheList continues to invite like-minded brands and customers to create a greener lifestyle through concrete and immediate actions.

Sustainability is at the core of OnTheList

Waste is almost inevitable in our day-to-day life, but since launching OnTheList, co-founders Delphine and Diego have been striving to change this. In addition to its classic flash sales in collaboration with brands, OnTheList also helps to connect the brands with local charity partners in a bid to reduce waste further: together with brands, OnTheList has helped to donate over 60k pieces of garments and necessities to Crossroads. To assist in fundraising, OnTheList has supported in providing its venue to Redress and Mayaa in the heart of Central, assisting to create a wonderful result of more than half a million HKD raised.

The company’s focus is not solely on the product itself, they also take care of what comes with it. Since the beginning of 2019, OnTheList has joined the recycling program hosted by Lane Crawford’s warehouse CN Logistic, resulting in 4,278 cartons, 200kg of polybags and 76kg of plastic hangers recycled so far.

“We thank CN Logistic for welcoming OnTheList into their program as having such great results in recycling is a thrilling feeling,” Diego marvelled.

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OnTheList in 2020: setting foot on permanent locations and continuing to offer more and more online Flash Sales

“With so many projects developing in all regions, we aim to continue to nurture and grow OnTheList while keeping our sustainable values at the centre of our actions,” Delphine said at the team’s annual year-end celebration.

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In 2020, OnTheList will be operating in Shanghai, Taipei and Singapore from new permanent showrooms, alongside managing pop-ups in different cities of China, while further expanding the online platform to existing markets. The company is also working actively on sourcing for more partnerships and collaborations with brands to bring more excitement and deals to OnTheList members, including local charity partners to reduce waste, while giving back and helping people in need. OnTheList is always keen to expand their retail sustainability mindset to different markets.