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Multiple channel retailing will be the new norm, says Target MD

Multiple channel retailing will be the new norm in retail, the manager director of Target says.

Dene Rogers, Managing Director of Target, is one of the speakers at the Multi-Channel Retailing Conference at the Retail Asia Expo held in Hong Kong from 12-14 June.

"Multiple channel retailing will be the new norm and will accelerate its replacement of traditional bricks and mortar-only retailing," Roger said.

"All retailers have the opportunity to participate in this exciting change, and the most important priorities are to have a strategy and to plan big with implementation fuelled by innovation," he added.

At the fourth edition of Retail Asia Expo, Multi-Channel Retailing will be the event’s main theme. The Multi-Channel Retailing Conference which started yesterday and continue till today (12-13 June) will be led by industry experts, aiming to explore best practice, new technologies and strategies in store design, e-tailing, social media, digital marketing and mobile applications, and related areas.

Another speaker, Marijn Koretkaas, Director, Business Development, Prolitec, also said: "In a more diversified and competitive retail landscape than ever before, brick and motor retailers can no longer rely on just having an interesting shop front or playing the latest tunes."

The starred speaker list also includes Ross McDonald, Industry Leader, Local & Retail, Google; Shanthi Flynn, Vice President, HR Asia Region, Walmart; Timpthy Lu, Director of Market Management and Communications Greater China, Swarovski Elements; Bob Neville, Global Retail Creative Director, New Balance Athletic Shoes; Jim Crawford, Executive Director, Global Retail Executive Council; and Dr. Valerie Wilson Trower, Creative Consultant, Blue Mount.