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Muji: The no-brand brand opens in Malaysia

Muji on Thursday opened the doors of its first outlet in Malaysia at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Long queues of shoppers and diehard Muji fans are expected. Weeks earlier, these fans (known as mujira in Japanese or "Mujirers") have already been speculating online whether the launch will go on as planned after a statement on Muji Malaysia’s official Facebook page warned that the opening may be delayed. Some local Mujirers have been waiting for almost two years since Muji first announced its impending arrival in Malaysia.

The average person on the street might well ask, "What’s all the fuss about?"

The answer may well lie in the scenario that presents itself to visitors once they have had a chance to check out the Muji store for the first time on Thursday: Simple, minimal, functional and reasonably priced. There’s a lack of clutter; in fact, there’s a very discernible lack of colour too. Most importantly, no logos or brands loudly splashed all over the products. Most have a minimum of what is needed on the packaging – some product information and the price tag. That’s it.