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Hutchison Telecom announces 2009 annual results

Hutchison Telecommunications International Ltd announced its 2009 annual results and its fourth quarter key performance indicators on 4 March. In 2009, the group reported strong subscriber growth in its principal growth markets and again realised value for shareholders. Profit for the year was approximately HKD5.8 billion (USD747 million).

In 2009, Hutchison Telecom added approximately 6.3 million customers to end the year with a customer base of approximately 12.8 million, which reflected an annual growth rate of approximately 98 percent on a like-for-like basis, driven mainly by expansion of the company’s network coverage in Indonesia and the relaunch of its business in Vietnam.

Turnover rose 2.7 percent year on year to HKD1,856 million (USD239 million). The increase was driven mainly by the larger Indonesia operation and the revenue generated by the newly launched GSM services in Vietnam, offset in part by a revenue decrease in the group’s Sri Lanka and Thailand operations.

Loss before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization increased to HKD1,784 million (USD229.8 million) compared to HKD1,632 million (USD210.2 million) in 2008.

The group operating loss from continuing operations was HKD2,069 million (USD266.5 million) compared to HKD813 million (USD104.7 million) in 2008.

Profit for the year was HKD5,781 million (USD744.6 million). Profit attributable to equity holders of the company was HKD4,940 million (USD636.2 million) and basic earnings per share was HKD1.03 (USD0.13) compared to HKD0.24 (USD0.03) in 2008.

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