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Getting angry can harm business negotiations in Asia: study

Getting angry might help business negotiations in the West, but losing your temper with Asians is likely to also lose you the deal, according to a study on how different cultures react to anger.

Researchers from INSEAD in France and from the University of California, Berkeley, wanted to see if anger was a good strategy in negotiations after several studies purported that it could be an effective strategy as it was seen as a sign of toughness.

"European Americans made larger concessions to an angry opponent than to a non-emotional opponent. Asians and Asian Americans, however, made smaller concessions if their opponent was angry rather than non-emotional," said the researchers, noting that in many cases where the subjects were told anger was acceptable, Asians and Asian Americans made greater concessions, and if the subjects were told it was unacceptable, European Americans were less likely to make concessions.