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Disney’s created in Japan franchise reaches US$2 billion revenue worldwide

Disney Tsum Tsum is on its way to becoming a global phenomenon since its launch in October 2013 with cumulative game and merchandise sales reaching a combined US$2 billion.

This week, LINE, the Japanese game developer of Disney’s Tsum Tsum puzzle game announced the game had topped 70 million downloads worldwide. Originating in the Disney Stores Japan as a Tsum Tsum stackable soft toy and subsequently launched as an app in Japan in 2014, Tsum Tsum puzzle game alone has accumulated sales of US$1 billion globally.

Asia, the world’s fastest and largest growing gaming market accounts for 47% percent (equivalent to US$51.2 billion) of the total global market for games due to the emerging young adult segment and the high penetration of smartphones.* The Tsum Tsum puzzle game, available on iOS and Android is the most popular in Japan followed by the US, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia.

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“We couldn’t be more proud of Tsum Tsum’s Japanese-origins and its international appeal,” said Paul Candland, President, Walt Disney Asia. “Tsum Tsum connects with fans across multiple platforms and experiences and is proving to be a successful channel to introduce new intellectual property.”

– According to LINE the game has been played over 165.4 billion times worldwide since its debut, with nearly 61.8 trillion Tsums cleared in the course of the gameplay.
– With Tsum’s measuring an average of 7mm across (the size when played on a 4.7-inch smartphone), then 61.8 trillion Tsums would form a line 432 million kilometers long the distance from Earth to Mars and back.
– The Tsum that players spent the most skill tickets to level up is Cinderella, followed by Beast (from “Beauty and the Beast”) and Maleficent Dragon (from “Sleeping Beauty”).

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From its humble beginnings as a popular plush toy from the Disney Store Japan, Tsum Tsum’s expanded franchise experience now spans every Disney consumer touch point including fashion, lifestyle and consumer electronics attracting a wide consumer base from boys and girls, as well as young adults. The stackable toys also have their own show with animated episodes available online and on Disney Channel as well as Tsum Tsum Tuesdays, which is now a popular subscription service in the U.S. From classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Princess to Buzz Lightyear and Darth Vader, Tsum Tsum encompasses the appeal and affinity of Disney’s key brands – Disney, Disney•Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars.