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AsiaPay partners with Octopus to expand payment gateway for Octopus online payment service

AsiaPay on Wednesday announced its partnership with Octopus Cards Limited (OCL) to offer customers an expanded payment gateway for the Octopus Online Payment Service (OOP).

The collaboration will offer an additional choice of payment gateway for Hong Kong’s online shoppers. Customers are now able to enjoy the innovative OOP with secure payments made through Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile devices.

This new platform allows customers to pay with their Octopus when shopping with merchants that accept the AsiaPay payment gateway. As the online shoppers check out their shopping carts, the browser will display the respective QR code and payment code. Customers only need to run the "Octopus" App on their NFC mobile device to either scan the QR code or manually enter the payment code to retrieve the payment information. By simply placing the pre-registered Octopus at the back of their mobile device, users can instantly complete their payments and check their transaction records on the "Octopus" App, as an added protection.

The partnership between AsiaPay and OCL synergises Octopus’ high penetration, extensive and diverse networks in Hong Kong with AsiaPay’s advanced and comprehensive payment gateway service. This new payment gateway option is expected to further drive the development of mobile payment solutions in the local market.

"We are delighted to work together with OCL in joining this new online payment service. This will further address the growing demand for mobile payment options while increasing the productivity for payment processing. AsiaPay is dedicated to exploring more diversified payment options leveraging advanced payment technologies, in offering merchants more flexible and easier payment methods for their business development," said Joseph Chan, CEO and Founder of AsiaPay Group.