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New type of shopper research studies non-purchasers

Shopper consultancy TNS Magasin has launched a service that promises to deliver additional sales by answering the age-old question: when shoppers don’t buy, why don’t they? Because these non-purchasers are a huge potential source of extra business – in the store, in the aisle and at the category – understanding what goes wrong, and putting it right, is set to deliver unprecedented rewards.

TNS Magasin starts by identifying attrition among shoppers at every stage of the shopping process, from the whole retail outlet through individual category to stock-keeping unit (SKU). For example, a shopper may enter a store but not a certain aisle or browse an aisle but not a particular category. And of course all shoppers interacting with a given category will spurn most SKUs within it.

Non-purchasers at every level are recorded using filming or path-tracking techniques, with more detailed observation at the category level. A statistically significant number of non-purchasers are interviewed to establish perceived and actual barriers to purchase. By quantifying shopper drop-out rate – and, most importantly, why this happens – TNS Magasin hopes to pinpoint the areas of greatest opportunity for retailers.

A 2009 project for a brewing company identified the additional conversion opportunities within beer and delivered strategic advice for action based on these insights. The initial research revealed how successful the beer category is at converting store traffic to purchasers, who the beer shopper is, and how sub-categories perform in various locations.

Using these findings combined with knowledge gained from nearly two decades of studying shoppers, TNS Magasin provided detailed recommendations designed to unlock barriers to purchase and capitalise on previously overlooked opportunities.

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