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Learn more about the metaverse and NFT Marketing at MarketingPulse 2022

If you want to know the ins and outs of the metaverse and NFT marketing, MarketingPulse 2022 is a must-attend conference. On 16th March 2022, their panel of experts will be diving into the future branding tool for retailers.

The metaverse has been a hot topic last year especially after Facebook announced its rebranding as Meta. Several other tech giants such as Microsoft, NVIDIA and Epic Games have also announced their plans of exploring the metaverse. VISA entered the metaverse after it purchased its first NFT  (non-fungible token) — a digital artwork — for US$150,000. Experts see the metaverse as a huge economic force that has the potential to significantly change the way we live, work and sell in the years to come — with NFTs as a key value driver.

As the metaverse fundamentally transforms the way people interact with the digital world, it brings an array of new opportunities for companies bringing their marketing activity to a whole new level. Brands, for example, will need a clear ‘3D’ narrative or presence. Brands could also participate in having their own piece of the metaverse pie, in the form of providing paid experiences in addition to products. Marketers will have to rethink the use of SEO, as brands trying to get discovered in the metaverse may need to invest in “visual SEO”. Last but not least, there may be virtual influencers and a whole plethora of other things. All is yet to be created, discovered, and waiting to evolve.

To keep up with this new digital trend, MarketingPulse has planned a session gathering seasoned professionals from four companies that represent the different components of the metaverse: the domain with Meta, game with The Sandbox, the communication medium between users with Blockchain Creative Labs and NFT product with Casetify. 

Join Asher Rapkin, Meta’s Director (Global Business Marketing, Facebook app and Emerging Platform), Sébastien Borget, The Sandbox’s Co-founder and COO, Melody Hildebrandt, Chief Information Security officer of Fox and Blockchain Creative Labs’ President, Wesley Ng, CASETiFY’s Co-founder and CEO and Gary Liu, CEO of South China Morning Post as they discuss how the metaverse’ world of NFTs and virtual idols is disrupting the future of marketing. The session will take place in the afternoon on 16th March.

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