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Korea’s GS Retail adopts IBM BigFix management solution

IBM Korea announced that it has provided GS Retail Convenience Store with its endpoint management software IBM BigFix® to enable the Korea’s leading retail distributor to automate control and management of its POS (point-of-sale) device endpoints in entirety, and thus revamp the retailer’s efforts to expand customer convenience and secure competitiveness. 

With the adoption of the solution, GS Retail Convenience Store is now able to reduce the time required for marketing file distribution and software patch updates to within two days from the previous two weeks which were often carried out in unstable and slow internet network environment.

The latest adoption is expected not only to increase work efficiency but also to expand revenue by making it possible to deploy more proactive marketing strategies and tactics.

IBM BigFix® software, which is currently planned to be applied for GS Retail convenience stores as many as 9,000 and their 20,000-plus POS devices, is expandable to be deployed at as many as 20,000 convenience stores with about 40,000 POS devices in the future. It is further expected to be connected to GS Retail’s asset management system and expanded into security compliance.

IBM BigFix® is a unified endpoint security and management software platform that manages large groups of computers and systems, either virtual or real, such as servers, desktop and laptop computers, smartphone, and tablet computer as well as POS devices, ATM, self-service kiosk and other special devices across highly distributed environments.

(Source: Business Korea)