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Konica Minolta establishes regional head offices, sales subsidiaries and an office in Asia

Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. (Konica Minolta) recently announced the opening of its regional head offices in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and establishment of sales subsidiaries in Vietnam and Turkey and an office in Thailand, with the aim to scale up and develop its core business technologies business for the Asian region. These initiatives are part of a major sales expansion to provide enhanced marketing and improved customer support in high growth markets such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

"The setting up of a regional head office here will enable to focus on the Asia market and grow our presence," said Ryo Maruhashi. "With this new development, we are much closer to our business partners geographically and thus able to provide more strategic support. Being in the field enables us to better understand each business partner’s unique challenges so we can respond in a more timely manner and provide pro-active information. We are better positioned to serve both customers and partners. I am excited and look forward to these engagements."

Konica Minolta was previously distributing its office equipment in Asian region through its local sales subsidiaries and distributors in each country. In light of the rapid market growth in this region, it became essential to strengthen sales activities through delivery of direct marketing, customer support and employee education. By setting up these new head offices, sales subsidiaries and an office in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Konica Minolta aims to reinforce its sales and support structure to provide speedy and high quality services in response to the local market demand, thereby increasing its presence in the areas.