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KOLs: China’s top 5 fashion influencers of tomorrow


As the founder of ParkLu, a leading influencer marketing platform in China, I can’t even count the number of times brands have asked for a list of the “top KOLs” (key opinion leaders) to work with from China’s WeChat and Weibo platforms.

But, most brands usually don’t end up working with them because their costs are so prohibitive (expect to pay upwards of US$10,000 per post). What’s more — the most popular KOL accounts also have the most sponsored content, which could translate into diluted — and less compelling or trusted — content for followers.

If you’re a brand that prizes influence (to purchase) over mere reach, you should be looking beyond the number of followers and at whether a KOL’s credibility is high amongst his or her followers.

5 of China’s fashion KOLs to know

Below are five rising stars in China who specialise in fashion content, from various platforms including WeChat, Weibo, Nice, Meipai, and Meilimeizhuang, and their follower count on each platform.

(Note: WeChat doesn’t give out fan counts, but we can see how many views a post receives.)


  1. 叫我贝拉姐姐
  2. MonkiYuki
  3. 程熙媛
  4. 孙小黎
  5. 杀手嘉

 (Note: Weibo requires a login to view profiles.)

Choosing rising stars

Up-and-coming KOLs don’t yet command the fees of the top tier KOLs, but are rapidly gaining followers and credibility. It also pays off to start building relationships with these KOLs early in the game, thereby turning them into true advocates of your brand.

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Given the rapidly changing landscape of who and what social media platforms are popular (a whopping 200 live-streaming platforms have cropped up in this quarter alone) in a country of 1.3 billion mobile users, ParkLu makes it our business to stay ahead of the curve to know who tomorrow’s main players will be.

For example, one of our most insightful algorithms is one that scans 1000s of influencers on our database for the fastest fan growth per week — an indication of quality and regular content that is connecting well with the audience.

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kim-leitzesKim Leitzes is CEO and founder of ParkLU, a marketplace connecting consumer brands with China KOLs. Her web and mobile platform, which has enabled independent and global brands, including H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s and Swire Properties, to collaborate with KOLs. Connect with Kim on LinkedIN or visit

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