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Is logo trend back in fashion?


Although it is regarded as tacky and dazzling,  people are nostalgic for this design again, and brands too.

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It seems that people have returned to wearing clothes, shoes and accessories with luxury logos from head to toe.

Source : Tradesy


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Fashion houses have renewed the label feast after years of relegating it to shadows. For instance, luxury brands like Balenciaga, Burberry and Versace made repeating logos on their designs and products bigger, bolder and brasher than ever.

On various collections, designers also presented T-shirts emblazoned with their respective logos, such as Gucci’s double G motif, Emporio Armani and Sonia Rykiel.

Source : The Webster


Source : Giglio


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Luxury brands brought back their “big logo”. The monogram patterns of each brand not only have their own visual characteristics, but also represent identity and status.

Is the logo back or is it just a temporary nostalgic effect?



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