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Interactive mall media devices and their worth

From the CaptusHUB blog;

Isn’t technology great? We have huge TVs that can actually fit in the back of a Honda Fit. Screens can now sense your touch and react accordingly. All this great stuff is intended to make your life easier by keeping you informed and entertained. What a wonderful time to exist in. I can’t imagine (or would want to) live in a world without thin TVs, touchscreens and phones that tell me what to do and where to go (whether it’s my wife or an app, doesn’t matter).

It’s the last day of March break so my teacher-wife and I decided to hit a mall and do some shopping. I’m still in work mode so my brain switched over to retail operations mode. We went to Fairview Mall, which is located in Toronto, actually quite a ways from us in the ‘burbs. They had just gone through a major renovation so I was excited to check out the new layout and brands. I grew up in the area and I can tell you this mall has evolved from humble beginnings into a sleek luxury retail mall complete with subway access, high-end food court, several brand-name restaurants and two – count ’em, two – Mall Racer depots! I did notice a few other new fixtures that caught my attention and should catch the attention of the tenants in the mall.

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