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How to choose the best VPN provider for your retail business?

Fast and stable network services and professional networking solutions are the cornerstone of success in retail. Especially in a broad market like China, where networks and communications can bring a list of challenges, a reliable network solution is always a key for retailers’ success. It not only helps retailers to connect their points-of-sale with ease, it also speeds up the transfer of the latest market information, helping them to plan their market strategies efficiently.

Compared with other open network services, MPLS-VPN (Multi-protocol label switching-virtual private network) allows users from different locations to access their company‘s resources more easily and securely. Retailers, especially those with many stores and offices in different locations, can be benefited from the VPN because such service can solve a lot of internal communication problems – it speeds up data transfer; allows users to customise their applications; and helps retailers save time and costs.

Gray Hui, product manager of China Telecom (Hong Kong) International Limited suggests that retailers should consider two things when they are choosing a VPN service providernetwork coverage and service quality. He explains: "China is a very broad market and not every province or city has network coverage. Even with network coverage, some service providers may not be able to provide door-to-door services."

For their peace of mind, retailers should consider service providers who can provide one-stop-shop solutions that include network infrastructure and VPN services, Hui adds.

For more information about the VPN Solution for Retail Businesses, visit China Telecom.