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EXCLUSIVE : How to grow with Google?


Retail in Asia joined Growing with Google APAC Press Event 2018 in Singapore.

Google representatives provided an overview on how today’s connected world is the result of a digital transformation, which enables anyone with a smartphone to build a business and reach an audience of billions worldwide.

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The focus was on mobile as all over the world, especially in developing countries, smartphones are usually the first device available to anyone.

Smartphones and all digital device host ecosystems that spread benefits across users, creators, publishers, developers, and businesses. Billions of people search for goods to buy through smartphones, and businesses use those platforms to optimize their reach out and make people’s life easier.

Google presented the wide range of solutions available for different business stakeholders: small businesses to connect with consumers; content creators to reach larger audiences; publishers to monetize their content and promote themselves; developers to connect to billions of people in a booming global app economy.
Businesses of all types can use the Cloud to increase productivity of their teams and the efficiency of their services.

Karim Temsamani, President, Google Asia-Pacific, discussed the interconnected relationships between different groups such as consumers, advertisers and partners like app developers and hardware manufacturers.”

Source : Google

Mel Silva, Managing Director, Go-To-Market Strategy and Operations, Asia-Pacific, explained how ads keep the internet the free and open place it is today, and therefore are essential for the survival of the ecosystem. “Advertising funds the services we use online every day – everything from news, video, mobile apps, email – as well as all of Google’s services,” she said.

Kevin O’Kane, Managing Director, Google Marketing Solutions, Asia-Pacific, pointed out how any business requires an online presence and how Google is providing each and any business with solutions to make it easier.

Arjun Narayan, Head of Trust and Safety, stated: “In order for this ads-supported, free web to work, it needs to be a safe and effective place to learn, create and advertise. That’s why we invest in people, policies and technology to help fight abuses.”

Mauro Sauco, Technical Director, Office of the CTO, Google Cloud Platform, presented solutions for startups and small businesses to access the same technologies that used to only be available to large enterprises.

Jeremy Butteriss, Managing Director, Global Partnerships, Asia-Pacific, concluded the round of Google speakers by highlighting: “Our business rests on partnerships and we have a responsibility to help the ecosystems we work in thrive.”

The second part of the press conference included: Gillian Tan, Founder, ClickNetwork TV; Malcolm Ong, Head of Product at SCMP; Jason Yeung, Founder, Veewo Games; Joe Andon, CEO at Vuly; Neil Lee, Executive Advisor, HerMin Textile. All of them, explained how they are using technology to thrive their business.

Google started as a search engine. But today its aim is to provide platforms with a “growth engine” for other companies. The whole business rests on keeping the ecosystems an open, safe, and trustworthy place where businesses can innovate and grow.

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The day ended with a tour of Google Singapore office, designed to match Google values.

Stay tuned! More about Google Office and interviews with the speakers are coming soon!