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Event overview: Retailers require solutions, not just products

Twenty of Hong Kong’s retail industry thought leaders met this month to table the current issues and challenges Asian retailers are facing ahead of the Retail Asia Expo.

One of the key threads that ran through the Technology Committeee discussions was that Retailers don’t just want to be pitched a product; they want solutions. Gone are the days that clever technology or smooth sales talk will win them over, retailers have wised up and are looking for practical applications and tried and tested solutions that can be tailored to their business. So pitching your product is out, educating and informing retailers is in!

At the Design & In-store Marketing Steering Committee, the hot topic was no surprise – Asia is where the growth is. However, it’s definitely not smooth sailing. In-store design, education of in-store staff, marketing, understanding local consumer behaviours and ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd are all concerns for retailers. With increased competition, rising rents and the continued pressures to reduce costs, how exactly does a retailer keep their brand fresh, unique and exciting?

Retail Technology Advisory Committee:

  • Brian Chan – Senior Manager Infrastructure Operations, Adidas Services Ltd
  • Michael Chan – Chairman, Cafe de Coral Holdings Limited
  • Anna Lin – Chief Executive, GS1 Hong Kong
  • PM Lai – Chairman, HK Retail Technology Industry Association
  • Dr Lawrence Cheung – Principal Consultant – IT Industry Development, Hong Kong Productivity Council
  • Roy Wong – IT Manager, Prince Jewellery & Watch Co
  • Samantha Stevens – Managing Editor, RETAILinAsia®
  • Johnny Yuen – Department Manager – IT, Swire Resources Limited
  • Hydde Chan – Senior Manager, Hong Kong Retail Management Association

Retail Design & In-store Marketing Advisory Committee:

  • Y M Lam – Brand Director, Bossini Enterprises Ltd
  • Evelyn Shum – Visual Manager, Crocs Asia PTE Ltd
  • Horace Pan – Chairman, HK Interior Design Association
  • Samuele Martelli – MSc, Architect – Director, OOBIQ  Architects
  • Carlson Lau – Regional Visual Merchandising Manager, Parfum Christian Dior
  • Jamie Khoh – Store Design & Planning Manager – ParknShop Hong Kong & China
  • Terry Waterhouse – Director, Redgoodss
  • Samantha Stevens – Managing Editor, RETAILinAsia®
  • Dr. Valerie Wilson Trower – Trend Director, Asia Pacific, Stylesight
  • Chaired by: Mr John Bednall, COO & Mr Stuart Bailey, General Manager, Diversified Events Hong Kong LLC

These topics and more will be featured at the Retail Asia Expo free conference seminars. For more information on the exhibitors and the conference topics visit Retail Asia Expo.