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EFFECTIM Co., Ltd. launches aging care brand EFFECTIM in Japan and China


EFFECTIM Co., Ltd., the joint venture established by Shiseido Company, Limited and YA-MAN LTD., will launch new aging care brand EFFECTIM (4 products, 4 types) in Japan and China in 2021 Spring.

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EFFECTIM is created to empower people who want autonomy to shine as their true selves throughout this lifetime. Originated in Japan, EFFECTIM aims to be aging care expert and “life partner for supple skin”.

EFFECTIM uses the cutting-edge technologies of skin analysis, cosmetics and beauty devices based in advanced skin science research, delivering more personalized efficacy through the fusion of physics (beauty device) and life science (skincare) strengths and the ability to micro-analyze individual skin conditions with unique 3D technology.

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By providing optimal care to each person, EFFECTIM helps bring out the possibilities of skin and give rise to new beauty. Furthermore, EFFECTIM continuously track and understand changes in skin condition to maintain that person’s beauty throughout their lifetime—providing solutions to aging care unlike any before.

EFFECTIM helps continuously bring out new beauty through STEM (Special Treatment as the Essential Method) Technology, a fusion of physics (beauty device) and life science (skincare) energies. Beauty devices are equipped with STEM Multi Force unique technology; seven electrodes produce multiple charges simultaneously which target and approach the depths of the skin. Skincare includes a STEM Complex of condensed effective ingredients derived from cutting-edge skin science expertise.

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The first step is 3D skin analysis conducted by a unique skin analysis pod at an in-store location. Based on results, counseling is provided from a coach with specialized knowledge. Periodic skin analysis service and other support is also provided on an ongoing basis, through which EFFECTIM helps to enable long-term, continuously renewed beauty.