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Chinese Beauty Giant S’Young acquires EviDenS de Beauté

S’Young Group Co., Ltd. officially announced an equity acquisition agreement with luxury skincare brand EviDenS de Beauté. The French company retains independent operation of the brand and the team after the acquisition.

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EviDenS de Beauté is a luxury skin care brand combining Japan’s cutting-edge cosmetic expertise with world-renowned French elegance, loved by consumers worldwide for its anti-aging benefits developed specifically for sensitive skin. With a high-end positioning, the brand’s main products range between CNY 1,000 (USD 148) and CNY 3,000 (USD 444), offering various categories of skincare products.

S’Young is committed to building ‘win-win’ partnerships with overseas brands and sharing a long-term value in connecting and growing in the Chinese market. With EviDenS de Beauté, S’Young leveraged the original “CP” (China Partner + Couple) cooperation model and empowered the French brand through an all-encompassing approach. The new partner also provided all-dimensions and omni-channel support, thus helping the skincare brand to go from 0 to 1 in the Chinese market and build up a unique luxury brand image. The acquisition marks a deepening of the CP cooperation model, and a higher level of cooperation in equity acquisition, investment, and strategic collaboration according to the wishes and needs of the overseas brand.

Before collaborating with S’Young, EviDenS de Beauté had faced challenging situations in the Chinese market, including price disorder. To better develop in the Chinese market, EviDenS de Beauté chose S’Young as its partner, which has 16-year experience in beauty brand management. The “CP” model of S’Young not only acts as a sales agent for EviDenS de Beauté, but also reorganizes the brand positioning, image, and strategic development planning. Not only does this empower EviDenS de Beauté in all business elements, but it also supports its sales channels.

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With the help of S’Young, EviDenS de Beauté has seen rapid growth in the Chinese market. Chinanow occupies a large proportion of its sales, and its hero product is ranked Top 2 in high-end facial masks by Tmall of Alibaba, the largest e-commerce platform in China. This is owing to S’Young breaking the traditional single-channel sales model of agents. The new model integrates all business elements, covers all sales channels, connects the whole business chain, and makes concerted efforts in all respects such as brand, product, market, channel, and supply chain, finally realizing the leapfrog development of EviDenS de Beauté in China.