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China’s dot-com giants flooding market with own smartphones

Though a Facebook phone is still in the rumour stage, China’s dot-com giants aren’t wasting any time as they flood into the telecommunications sector with their own brands of mobile devices. A dozen or more mobile phones are on the market now sporting the names of almost all of China’s top internet firms. Baidu, Qihoo 360, Tencent (QQ), Alibaba Shanda and NetEase are among those who either have unveiled mobile devices or plan to do so soon. "The mobile internet is an integral part of the internet," said Zhang Yanan, Zero2IPO’s analyst. "It’s natural for these dot-coms to enter the stage in 2012."

Compared with traditional mobile phones, the new internet handsets have two unique characteristics: low prices and built-in services.

They may entice more users to the mobile internet, significantly influencing China’s internet and telecom market, industry insiders said.

(Source: Shanghai Daily)