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Checkpoint launches intelligent loss prevention solutions to protect luxury merchandise from source to store

Checkpoint Systems, Inc., a global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, has announced the launch of a series of smart loss prevention and RFID solutions for Hong Kong retailers that can protect their high-value merchandise from loss and theft throughout the supply chain all the way from the manufacturer to the store.

Checkpoint has enhanced its Merchandise Visibility Solution with new labelling and RFID (radio frequency identification) technology which enable manufacturers to apply RFID-based tags at the point of manufacture cost-effectively. These RFID tags can be read throughout the supply chain, and enable each product to be tracked or located individually. Information about the product’s location is automatically captured and verified against expected quantities in real time to help reduce on-hand inventory at the manufacturing facility or the warehouse.

Once merchandise reaches the store, retailers can determine exact item-level quantities using handheld readers that are compatible with Checkpoint’s software and hardware to cycle-count merchandise in an entire department or a store in a matter of minutes. The solution helps to optimize operational efficiency by helping to reduce the time required to complete a stock count by an average 60-70 percent.

Retailers can keep track of the location and movement of their high-value items within the store using Checkpoint’s new S3i solution, a scalable, wireless network that provides critical data and analytic intelligence such as inventory quantity.

Shop staffs receive real-time notifications and alerts simultaneously via smart phones and other devices when merchandise protected with S3i devices is tampered with or moved in and out of designated zones so that they can respond quickly to prevent shoplifting. In addition, any removal of the S3i device with an authorized key is logged and can help reduce incidents of internal theft.

S3i can be deployed to create zones around high-risk merchandise and high-risk areas such as backrooms, fitting rooms, rest rooms and exits. With the technology, retailers are able to detect and deter shoplifting, organized retail crime and employee theft.

"We offer a full suite of solutions that give retailers the ability to openly display high-risk merchandise such as luxury handbags, designer apparel and electronics, while helping them to reduce loss and theft from the source to the shopper. The solutions also greatly improve the customer experience and allow secure access to these items, increasing the likelihood of a sale," said Ken Ng, Manager Director for Greater China at Checkpoint Systems.

"Furthermore intelligent tracking of merchandise will help retailers reduce on-hand inventory and provide them with insight into store activity and customer shopping habits in store, which will help drive sales," he added.

Checkpoint Systems has also developed enhanced state-of-the-art electronic article surveillance (EAS) solutions, which features jammer detection technology, at the store level. Integrated into antennas within the portfolio, the system identifies if an EAS "jammer" has been brought into the store and activates an alarm, which alerts staff to the potential threat and acts to deter possible shoplifters.