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Carlsbeg goes ‘GloCal’ with Office 365

The Carlsberg Group has introduced a vision for business it calls “GloCal,” which aims for global efficiency while staying true to its local roots and technology is playing a big role in enabling this vision.

The company said it is deploying Microsoft Office 365 to implement a complete productivity and collaboration solution that employees can use to connect with each other.

“One way we are helping our employees work better together is by deploying Office 365,” said Etienne Dock, vice president of IT architecture and sourcing at Carlsberg. “No matter what device or distance, the cloud is breaking down traditional barriers so we’re better able to focus on brewing the best beer in the world.”

Employees use Microsoft Exchange Online for email and calendaring and can take advantage of Microsoft Lync Online to connect via webconferencing and instant messaging. Virtual teams can also collaborate on projects using Microsoft SharePoint Online, while employees are adopting the Yammer Enterprise social networking platform for messaging and collaboration.

The Carlsberg Group is also taking advantage of Office 365’s integrated productivity and collaboration services to launch the Carlsberg Supply Chain (CSC), its most important GloCal initiative, to help streamline its global supply chain.

CSC uses the webconferencing, instant messaging and collaborative team sites within Office 365 services to centrally manage the procurement, production, logistics and planning functions that previously occurred in isolation across the world.

“Beer is heavy, so we don’t want to transport it very long distances,” Dock said. “And breweries are capital intensive, so we don’t want to build too many. CSC gets huge business value from using Office 365 as a global collaboration tool to interact with our global markets and exchange the information we need to fine-tune the balance between these variables to optimize our operations and save money.”