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Featured says travel confidence varies across APAC region

As countries in Asia-Pacific are opening their borders, is currently witnessing a significantly speedier rebound in the area, coinciding with global patterns it has been monitoring.

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The company is expecting continuous growth in the bookings number due to the easing of limitations, high immunisation rates, and the summer travel season. first quarter earnings revealed the strongest first quarter ever, even surpassing 2019, the previously best earning quarter. On the heels of the pandemic, some intriguing trends are also starting to emerge such as customers’ prioritisation of health and safety during travel.

Another important aspect of travel for customers is the option of flexibility. has substantial summer reservations, but the majority of options are supported by a flexible approach. People are therefore aware that things can change even as they travel today. Additionally, the past few years have undoubtedly contributed to the drive for sustainable travel.

Travel confidence varies across the APAC region, but overall, there is a strong desire to travel, both domestically and abroad. The general sentiment toward travel is quite positive. It has also been observed that people are also now exceeding their travel budgets. The question of whether they will repeat it is still open. Undoubtedly, “we want to go” is the current mentality prevalent throughout the region.

According to Thailand government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, over 7 million visitors are anticipated to visit Thailand in the second half of this year, on top of the almost 2 million that visited in the first half.

A total of 1,978,023 foreigners entered the country between 1st to 28th January, bringing in an estimated THB 114 billion (USD 3.18 billion).

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, an additional 2.7 million visitors are expected between July and September and 4.5 million between October and December.

He noted that annual global arrivals are anticipated to be 9,325,500, with revenue totaling around THB 1.27 trillion (USD 254 billion).

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This year, visitors arriving by air have primarily come from China, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States, while those arriving by road have primarily come from Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China.