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Big-box strategies to build the basket

From the CaptusHUB blog:

I have talked a lot about small-business retail and what they can do to improve business but honestly, big box is where my heart lies. The challenges big-box retailers face is intriguing to me and I love solving problems on a larger scale. There are two main challenges that big-box managers face on a daily basis:

  • Getting things done with a large crew can create communication obstacles
  • Less personnel on the sales floor can make it challenging to build a bigger basket

Every retailer understands the importance of getting more products in the carts and baskets of each customer that walks in. To remain competitive, big-box retailers must sacrifice margins to get customers to buy. Unfortunately, overheads are not as sensitive to your needs and only specific parts can be controlled, like labour and shrink. My crotchety mentor told me early on that you can cure any problems on your P/L with increased sales.

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