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Beauty videos for your eyes only

Memebox is launching a new K-beauty brand with Sephora to further U.S. growth

Beauty video specialist Zackdang Company unveiled a mobile app for people in their teens and 20s looking for makeup tutorials that match their look.

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Zamface recommends beauty-related content based on the look of the user. First, users of the app take a photo of their face. Using artificial intelligence technology, the app recommends makeup tutorials via beauty-related videos uploaded by vloggers with looks similar to that of the user.

Zamface also allows users to jump to the middle of a makeup tutorial to find tips on specific areas of the face like the eyes or the eyebrows. This allows users to skip major parts of a video that can be 20 to 30 minutes long.

Searching for which beauty products are being used in tutorials is also possible. One common complaint among beauty tutorial fans is that they have a hard time determining which products are being used in beauty tutorials, according to Zackdang Company. Zamface will offer a list of beauty products used in the tutorials.

“People have begun to start putting on makeup at an earlier age, and their primary source of learning how to put on makeup is online videos,” said Zackdang CEO Yun Jung-ha.

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“But due to the excess of makeup tutorial videos, many are having difficulty finding the right content. Zamface is for the people of generation Z who are going through such challenges.”