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Asian SESAMES winner to be announced at CARTES in Asia this month

The finalists of the Asian SESAMES Awards have been chosen and the winner will be revealed at 11am on 28 March 2012 at CARTES in Asia, AsiaWorld-Expo. The Asian SESAMES Award rewards the most innovative product or application developed for the Asian Pacific market in the field of smart cards, digital security, identification, secure transactions, and contactless.

The finalists are:

  • GO-TRUST with SWP microSD card
  • Oberthur Technologies with M-Wallet using NFC Technology
  • KEOLABS with Portable Communication Analyzer
  • Smart Packaging Solutions with Innovative solution for dual interface cards
  • Watchdata Technologies with SIMpass-SC

The Asian SESAMES Award Ceremony will be held on Wednesday 28 March at 11:00am at CARTES in Asia. The Ceremony will take place after the Asian Card Summit at 10.00am, which will feature a discussion by six top-executives from Gemalto, Oberthur Technologies, China Union Pay, Eurosmart, Ingenico and Watchdata on smart card trends and forecasts.

The Asian SESAMES Awards are chosen by a jury of industry experts from across Asia Pacific:

  • Ki Han LEE, Seoul National University IC Card R&D Center, Director, Korea
  • Ajay MAHAJAN, Technology Advisor & Smart Card Solutions Architect, India
  • Greg POTE, Asia Pacific Smart Card Association, Chairman, China
  • Akio Shiibashi, East Japan Railway Company – IT & Suica Business Development Headquarters, Executive Officer Deputy Director General, Japan
  • Thierry SPANJAARD, Smart Insights, Chief Editor, France
  • Franck XU, Smart Card Forum of China / AIT EVENTS CO.LTD, Chairman, China

Isabelle Alfano, director of CARTES events, Comexposium, said: "This contest is a wonderful opportunity for candidates to showcase their applications and achievements to professionals across Asia Pacific who are looking for new products in this market. We received over 25 proposals from 19 companies this year with new technology covering all aspects of the digital security and smart technology industry. The Asian SESAMES Awards, the conference and the exhibition are well worth a visit for industry players dealing in smart cards, identification, mobile payment and transportation technologies."