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Alibaba Group reorganises its e-commerce businesses

Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group announced organisational changes and leadership appointments to drive synergies across its consumer and wholesale commerce platforms both in China and globally, as the company continues to invest in its two strategic pillars of domestic consumption and globalisation.

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The newly-established International Digital Commerce will include AliExpress, and Lazada, the central business units powering its globalisation strategy. In its last quarterly earnings, the company announced its annual active consumers (AAC) overseas reached 285 million and reiterated its ambitious goal of serving 2 billion consumers globally. The newly-formed International Digital Commerce will bring together the overseas consumer-facing and wholesale businesses of Alibaba under the leadership of Jiang Fan.

Similar to the international commerce integration, Alibaba also announced the combination of all domestic commerce businesses to foster more collaboration and synergy across business units to serve its customers better. The company appointed Alibaba veteran Trudy Dai to lead the new China Digital Commerce.

Dai, an Alibaba founding member and partner, has served various leadership roles within the company over the years. Between 2014 and 2017, Dai was Alibaba’s Chief Customer Officer, and prior to that, led different business units and critical corporate functions.

The new organisational announcement is the latest Alibaba initiative to empower its organisation to become more agile as the company looks ahead to the new year.

“As we continue to build a multi-engine approach to drive future growth, a ‘diversified business governance’ will become Alibaba’s new organisational strategy as we look towards the future,” said Alibaba Group Chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang.

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“We want to explore new business governance approaches to drive more innovation and creativity across our teams and businesses,” Zhang continued.