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Visa launches Where You Shop Matters to help SMEs survive and thrive


The Where You Shop Matters initiative by Visa encourages customers to shop at their local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), while providing the tools and resources to help SMEs go digital.

It is part of Visa’s commitment to support 10 million small business across Asia Pacific to get local communities back to business following COVID-19. 

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Enabling SMEs to go online with eCommerce Starter Kit

Visa has partnered with eCommerce enablers to provide SMEs with a suite of offers, solutions and tools to make digital adoption affordable. SMEs can launch an online store on BigCommerce and enjoy free subscription for the first 3 months, as well as accept payments securely with Cybersource, a Visa solution, with no set-up fee. This bundle offer is available for limited period in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Sign up here today.  

Rallying local communities to help SMEs sustain and grow their business

Where You Shop Matters rallies customers to support local by raising awareness of SMEs and driving traffic to their online stores At the same time, the campaign spotlights their digital transformation journeys to inspire other SMEs to leverage eCommerce to survive, thrive, and give back to the community. 

Minor Miracles is a Singapore-based print and textile studio that committed to a retail space in April 2020, six days before COVID-19 safety measures were implemented. Even without a physical presence, the brand harnessed the power of eCommerce to continue to sell its products, and even introduced a new line of face masks. Minor Miracles donated all proceeds from its face mask sales to COVID-19 relief efforts.

In the Philippines, when COVID-19 safety measures were introduced in Metro Manila, Jacque Gutierrez discovered how critical it was to have online presence. Her home-grown yet world-class beauty and makeup brands depended a lot on foot traffic in malls before the pandemic. However, she was well prepared and had set-up a safe and secure way to accept and process online orders on her websites, Happy Skin and BLK Cosmetics, as well as through eCommerce marketplaces like Shopee. This proved essential to helping her business survive. 

In Malaysia, local artisanal gelato makers, Piccoli Lotti had to find new ways to reach their customers when COVID-19 safety measures started. While they heard stories of businesses closing, it was their online store that helped them survive throughout the trying period.

Earlier in October, Visa entered into a five-year regional and strategic partnership with Shopee. Through the tie-up, Visa and Shopee will incentivise small businesses to digitalise their business on Shopee and adopt digital payments through Visa, as well as provide marketing and campagin support to drive awareness, traffic and sales to online stores.

Helping SMEs manage cashflow and pay overseas suppliers amid COVID-19

Visa worked with partners like Finaxar to reinvent business financing and enable Singapore-based SMEs to pay non-Visa accepting suppliers with Visa business card. 

Brinda’s, a family-run restaurant and catering business in Singapore, launched a programme to deliver thousands of packed meals to foreign workers quarantined in dormitories. Ramping up manpower and sourcing raw materials from overseas suppliers quickly became a challenge – particularly as prices spiked and suppliers required upfront payment due to the crisis. In turn, Brinda’s turned to Finaxar to gain access to working capital and leveraged the Finaxar Flex Visa card to pay suppliers in a timely manner.

The Finaxar solution and Flex Visa card provided the Brinda’s team visibility into company expenditure and control over its finances, saving them time and allowing them to focus on growing their business and giving back to the community during challenging times

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Visa’s Where You Shop Matters initiative champions and enables small businesses owners while encouraging consumers to support their local small businesses. 

Find out more about Visa Where You Shop Matters initiatives in Asia Pacific.

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