Celebrated fashion designer Jason Wu has teamed up with the Hong Kong arm of sports brand Fila to create a new collection that “brings the 1960s into the modern world”.

The “Fila x Jason Wu” line, defined by its unique combination of asymmetrical cuts, fabrics, and patterns that blend vintage Fila styles with contemporary silhouettes, will include both men’s and women’s apparel and will be available this fall at select retail locations in Hong Kong, as well as online at www.fila.com.hk.

Inspired by the classic Fila tennis dress, the women’s collection will include four tennis dresses, in addition to two tops, a skirt, and a pant, each sporting a different colour-blocked pattern as well as bold lines of varying thickness and colour.

The men’s Fila x Jason Wu line, by comparison, will feature a signature black jacket with white piping on the wrists and waist, as well as a selection of polos, crewnecks, pants, and shorts in various combinations of white, black and gray — with various colour-blocking patterns and added geometric details in red, yellow, and blue to give each item its own unique flair, while remaining sophisticated and versatile.

(Source: The Malay Mail)