Walt Disney opened its first Disneyland in mainland China Wednesday, with the theme park being described as “authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.”

CEO Bob Iger spoke with CNBC’s Eunice Yoon about the event, which Iger called the “biggest step” the company has taken in an overseas market.

CNBC: What would tell Chinese consumers that say, ‘Oh there’s already a Hong Kong park, I don’t necessarily need to go to Shanghai’?

Iger: Well, there’s a great Hong Kong park; I’d love them to go to Hong Kong as well. They should go there because it’s different, it’s very different and it’s great. We hope, by the way, that people who have visited Hong Kong become interested in visiting Shanghai because their interest has in some form or another has been triggered by or been heightened by visiting Hong Kong and vice versa.

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(Source: CNBC)