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The end of mandatory animal test for imported cosmetics in China


Starting from 1st May 2021 imported general cosmetics can waive animal test under specific conditions as part of the new regulatory framework for cosmetics in China, CSAR.

Retail in Asia will share more information about the matter after consulting experts in the market. Dedicated stories coming soon!

Requirements for waiving toxicology test on General Cosmetics*

  • The production entity shall provide relevant certifications of Quality Management System issued by the local government of the country (region).
  • Provide sufficient safety and risk assessment materials confirming the safety of the products;
  • The filing products are not aimed at children or infants;
  • The filing products do not contain any new raw materials that are not included in the approved list of raw materials in China;
  • The applicant, the responsible person in China as well as production entity have not been listed as key supervision objects.

Note: If the product is produced by more than one production entity, then all of the entities shall obtain the official certificate to waive animal test.

Source: Knudsen&CRC

With Mainland China being the market driving most of the sales across categories at the moment, this step will favor the expansion of brands not currently available in the market.


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