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The e-commerce logistics race in Southeast Asia

The growth of e-commerce in Southeast Asia is accelerating tremendously. The region’s e-commerce grew by 35.2 percent in 2020, with over 70 percent of the region’s population browsing the Internet. There are no signs of slowing down, as it is forecasted to grow 14.3 percent this year.

With such an active e-commerce market, how are Southeast Asian countries keeping up with each other when it comes to e-commerce logistics?

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Retail in Asia dives into the performance of e-commerce logistics per South East Asian country based on a report developed by Parcel Monitor. In a nutshell:

Singapore: fastest delivery time vs Malaysia: longest delivery time

It is found that Singapore, with a transit time of 1.3 day, had the fastest delivery time in the Southeast Asia region, followed by Thailand with a transit time of 1.7; while Indonesia had a transit time of 2.0 and Malaysia, with a transit time of 2.6 days, had the longest delivery time in Q1 2021.

Source: Parcel Monitor

According to Parcel Monitor, Singapore’s transit time performance in Q1 2021 may be due to its more controlled Covid-19 situation, with the country entering a new phase of re-opening in December 2020. The country’s Q1 performance this year matched their pre-COVID delivery time of a 1.3 day average in 2019.

Malaysia’s longest delivery time was likely due to the movement control orders enforced early this year.

Indonesia: highest parcel volume during peak season

Parcel Monitor examined the parcel volume of the region by analysing the major shopping holiday of Ramadan in 2021 for Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, and the Songkran Festival 2021 for Thailand.

Overall, all countries saw at least a 20 percent growth in parcel volume during peak season. It is found that Singapore had a growth in parcel volume by 35 percent, Malaysia had a 23 percent growth, Thailand had a 34.1 percent growth and Indonesia had the highest growth of 55 percent. 

Singapore: highest collection points

According to a survey data on Southeast Asian consumers by Rakuten Insight between June – July 2021, collection points are the second most popular alternative delivery method. According to Parcel Monitor’s study, half of consumers surveyed in Singapore have used collection points instead of home delivery, in contrast to 38 percent of Malaysian shoppers and 19 percent of Indonesian shoppers. 

Source: Rakuten Insight

Singapore boasts the highest rates of collection points usage in the region given the government’s efforts in launching a nationwide parcel delivery locker network that is accessible to all delivery providers. 

In April 2021, over 200 parcel lockers were set up and the goal is to have 1,000 lockers by the end of 2021. 


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