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PODCAST #1 : Alex Misseri on e-commerce


Retail in Asia launches its podcast series “Run with us” to keep our readers, always on the move and craving for market insights, up to date in the fast-changing retail landscape in Asia.

Retail in Asia has invited Alex Misseri, Head of Digital Transformation and Revenues at Bluebell, to kick-start this initiative by engaging into a chat with our Chief Editor about e-commerce.

Alex Misseri
Source : Bluebell

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Alex has spent 12 years in China and experienced the shift from offline to online in the largest eCommerce market in the world, which is often taken as benchmark  to understand the future of online retailing.

Now that he holds a regional role, we have asked him to share his views on consumer behaviour and embracement of e-commerce across Asian countries.

Podcast #1

*Bluebell is the owner of Retail in Asia