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Pinduoduo publishes its ESG report


Pinduoduo was established in 2015 with the goal of bringing more value-for-money products and more fun to users.

Delivering the best value for money is not about squeezing suppliers for the lowest price, but about systematically examining each part of the supply chain to release more value for a win-win situation.

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Both consumers and merchants have embraced Pinduoduo’s vision and the company has grown rapidly, hitting many milestones, including:

  • Surpassing 1 trillion yuan in GMV in 2019
  • Reaching almost 700 million users as of the second quarter of 2020
  • Hosting more than 5 million sellers on our platform
  • Connecting more than 12 million farmers through our agricultural initiatives

Pinduoduo published its first ESG report to outline its progress in managing environmental, social and governance matters. Its corporate social responsibility efforts are guided by the goal of promoting digital inclusion. Pinduoduo aims to bring more people into the digital economy so that local communities can enjoy the rewards of increased productivity and convenience and create value through new jobs and market opportunities.

“Pinduoduo, as a growing organization, will always dedicate itself to doing the right things, creating value for our society, and making this world a better and happier place,” Chen Lei, Chief Executive Officer of Pinduoduo, said in the report.

“It is our hope that as the company grows in strength, we would have more resources and capabilities to achieve this goal,” continued Chen Lei.

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Pinduoduo is focusing its efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen and member of the community on several fronts:

1. Environmental impact
Pinduoduo seeks to lessen its impact on the environment by re-engineering the traditional agricultural and manufacturing supply chains through consumer-to-manufacturer (“C2M”) model and livestreaming to cut down layers of intermediaries, thereby reducing wastage and promoting efficiency and productivity.
2. Digital ecosystem
By building the digital ecosystem, the company seeks to empower more people and businesses through training and the sharing of knowledge through initiatives such as New Brand and New Farmer initiatives. By enabling more aspiring  entrepreneurs to start their businesses and create more jobs, it seeks to be socially inclusive by bringing more people into the digital economy and sharing in its growth.
3. Investing in the future
By investing in the future through the promotion of basic scientific research and technological innovation, Pinduoduo seeks to improve the overall level of governance and protect the public’s interest.