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A totally new way to shop in Japan


Great customer service, regularly shifted merchandise, and an excellent design all help to make things feel more vibrant and fresh, but usually there’s a need for something just a little more striking.

The more unique the display, the better. Descente Blanc in Tokyo recently received an incredible display upgrade that make its store feel both more modern and fresh.

Schemata Architects is the genius behind this particular wonder. Descente Blanc felt their new shop display could use something a little extra to make it stand out, and Schemata Architects is famous for doing work of this caliber.

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Schemata Architects developed an animated automatic stock display system to literally bring clothing to a new level. It raises and lowers clothing based on customer interests.

A system was fashioned with an electronic pulley system so that the clothing could be lowered or raised one rack at a time. There are no racks on the floor itself. Everything comes down from above so customers can’t shop by themselves.

The clothing is organized according to size and weight of the clothing rather than style. That way, shoppers can look at all of the selections on a single rack rather than perusing all styles, even those that won’t fit.

It’s efficient and a much more pleasant shopping experience. The room is small and uses sharp border frames to make the display more visually striking.

There are several perks to this spectacular design. It’s an incredibly innovative clothing solution. It takes away the crowded sales floors and makes room for the actual customer. Customers can try on clothing and walk around, feeling the freedom and comfort of different styles.

(Source: PSFK)

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